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Last updated 01 February 2021

The Australian Water Tender 2020-21 is now closed

We are pleased to report that the Australian Water Tender for December – January  has closed with over $3.3 million in Permanent water been traded.

There was substantial interest in this event and there are active Permanent orders from various regions still available on the Waterfind Market. If you have lodged an intent or still have an order listed, our Broker Team will continue to be in touch to assist you with your Permanent water trading.

This event will be on again in 2021.

Why participate in the tender?

The Tender is free to join, open to buyers and sellers of permanent water across Australia, and enables you to trade water in four different ways:

  • Sell permanent water
  • Buy permanent water
  • Sell permanent water and lease back the entitlement
  • Buy permanent water and lease out the entitlement

Registered participants are presented matched listed opportunities generated by the Tender. Once a listing is matched with another listing, it is placed on the live online water market to reach hundreds of buyers and sellers.

There is no obligation to list or accept offers and you can change or withdraw an expression of interest at any time throughout the process.

Participating in the Tender offers the following benefits to buyers and sellers:

  • Increase water holdings in a specific region or diversify existing water across regions
  • View listed permanent water on the Australian Water Tender market with privacy protected
  • Utilise our accredited contract documentation and expertise, ensuring transactions are completed correctly
  • Have matched offers presented to you, rather than spending extra time finding a buyer or seller for the volume and price desired
  • Have listed water promoted to reach hundreds of buyers and sellers, maximising sale potential
  • Receive latest listings generated by the Tender through regular communications including the Waterfind E-News and Australian Water Tender report

If you missed this event but are interested in trading Permanent water, please contact us on 1800 890 285 or send an email to



[Why register to sell your permanent entitlement?” icon=”mk-icon-plus”]As a water entitlement holder, by expressing an interest to sell your  entitlement through our annual tender process can capitalise on the high demand for permanent water at present and release substantial capitalhelping to expand production, optimize on-farm efficiencies, acquire new land or acquire other capital intensive assets. [/mk_toggle]
Why register to buy permanent entitlement?

By expressing your interest in buying a water entitlement through our annual tender process you can diversify your water holdings and further mitigate allocation risk, along with the opportunity to establish the price you want, rather than a price you have to take. 


Why register to sell your permanent entitlement and lease back?

As a water entitlement holder, by expressing an interest to sell your entitlement through our annual tender process can capitalise on the high demand for permanent water at present and release substantial capital, helping to expand production, optimize on-farm efficiencies, acquire new land or acquire other capital intensive assets. 

With this option, you can sell and lease backenabling you as the seller to not only free up capital to re-allocate to other areas of your business but to also lock in all or a portion of the entitlement that has been put into our tender to ensure that your water security requirements as a seller can be met each year at a known price for a set duration of time. 


Why register to buy permanent entitlement and lease out?

Expressing your interest in buying a water entitlement through our annual tender process can diversify your water holdings and further mitigate allocation risk, along with the opportunity to establish the price you want, rather than a price you have to take. 

 With this option, you can simultaneously purchase a water entitlement and lease back the purchased entitlement for a known and set the duration of time and at a rate of return, while not utilizing the entitlement. 

With the funds received from leasing out the entitlement, as a lessor, you can earn a passive income stream for a set duration that can be used to more effective means or to assist the payback of the original entitlement purchase at a return greater than the cost of capital. 


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